Accessing Ponzi of Meme

Our platform is accessible through the official website, designed with user experience in mind. Upon arriving at our web app, users can seamlessly connect their wallets and navigate through the intuitive interface to participate in the buying and selling of meme shares.

Meme Shares: A Novel Investment Vehicle

Meme shares represent a groundbreaking investment vehicle, offering direct exposure to the performance of successful memecoins on the BASE blockchain. Each share type correlates with a specific memecoin, carrying distinct cost and reward parameters.

Meme Shares

Meme shares are at the core of our platform, representing an ownership stake in successful memecoins on the BASE blockchain. Users can purchase shares using $POME tokens, with each share type offering different yield percentages per day.

Share Types:

  1. Pepe but Blue

    • Cost: 2000 $POME

    • Rewards: 9% per day

  2. Toshi

    • Cost: 1000 $POME

    • Rewards: 8% per day

  3. Brett

    • Cost: 500 $POME

    • Rewards: 7% per day

  4. Normie

    • Cost: 100 $POME

    • Rewards: 6% per day

Users can purchase an unlimited number of shares, and the rewards accumulate constantly. Rewards can be claimed at any time, collected in $POME, and users are responsible for paying transaction fees on reward claims.

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