Ponzonomics and utility

The $POME token

The $POME token is crucial, facilitating not just the buying of meme shares but also serving as the reward mechanism. The strategic limitation of the total supply to 1 million $POME tokens underscores our commitment to preserving value and ensuring the prosperity of our investors.

  • Token Name: Ponzi of Meme

  • Symbol: POME

  • Decimals: 6

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000 POME

  • Initial liquidity: $10,000

  • initial price: $0.0033/ 1 $POME - price at 100k Mcap: $0.1 - price at 1M Mcap: $1

  • initial market capitalization: $5700

the liquidity tokens (LP keys) will be completely burned upon the launch of $POME token for peace of mind of the investors.

Taxation and Incentives

An 8% tax is applied on all $POME sales to incentivize buying and discourage speculative selling. This tax is directed to a separate wallet for project development and marketing, ensuring that marketing efforts are intensified during price dips to help stabilize and increase the $POME price. Transaction fees on reward claims are borne by the users.

Team Wallet

The team wallet initially holds 8% of the $POME supply. This will be reduced to 5% in the early stages to kickstart marketing efforts and build investor trust. The team wallet will then be reserved for last-resort uses in project development and marketing strategies.

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