Sustainability & Fair play: The first meme Hegde fund

Reward Mechanism and Income Generation

Our innovative reward mechanism stands at the core of the financial model. Upon the purchase of meme shares, a dual-path financial flow is activated. Firstly, 30% of the investment is converted into Ethereum (ETH) and allocated to a dedicated wallet managed by our team of professional memecoin snipers. This team is composed of 3 people who have been trading for 10+ years and master memecoin sniping and trading at an elite level. Their expertise in identifying and investing in promising tokens across all blockchains forms the backbone of our ability to guarantee a stable income over time.

The remainder of the share price feeds into the reward pool, creating a buffer that ensures consistent yield payouts to our users. This model is designed to be self-sustaining, balancing immediate reward payouts with strategic investments that secure the platform's long-term viability.

Ponzi of Meme is effectively a Memecoin-based hedge fund.

Taxation and Incentive Structure

A carefully considered tax strategy is implemented to foster a healthy trading environment within the Ponzi of Meme ecosystem. An 8% tax on all $POME sales is designed to discourage speculative selling and encourage long-term holding, ensuring stability and growth. This tax revenue is earmarked for project development and aggressive marketing initiatives, which are crucial for maintaining visibility and attracting new users to the platform.

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